Hookah Tips and Tricks
Hookah Setup Tricks
  • Change the water in your glass vase for every smoking session- the water is the filter for the smoke!
  • Wet the rubber grommet so that the stem will slide into the vase easily.
  • Blow through all of the hoses before and after each smoking session to clear out any smoke residue.
  • Loosely crumble the hookah shisha in the hookah bowl.
  • Never place charcoals directly on the shisha. Always use aluminum foil or a metal charcoal screen.
  • Metal charcoal screens are a great time saver- use it several times and throw it away.
  • Light self-lighting charcoals outdoors.
  • Place the charcoal towards one side on top of the clay bowl and move it around in a circle as the shisha burns. This will help to portion the amount of shisha being smoked.
  • If the smoke feels too thick, blow gently into the hose to release some of the smoke from the chamber.

Hookah Maintainance Tips

  • To maintain freshness of your hookah shisha, store it an airtight container in a cool, dry place.
  • Change the water in your glass vase for every smoking session- the water is the filter for the smoke!
  • Blow through all of the hoses before and after each smoking session to clear out any smoke residue.
  • Clean the clay bowl out after each smoking session.
  • Clean your hookah stem frequently with the cleaning brush to remove smoke residue.
  • Wash your glass vase with warm soapy water and allow it to dry completely.
  • Occasionally , carefully rinse hoses with lukewarm water. Allow adequate drying time.
New Tricks
  • Frost your glass vase in the freezer for about five minutes prior to smoking.
  • Keep a bottle of fresh water in the fridge for you r hookah, so you always have cold water.
  • Turn your water bottle upside down into the vase so it fills while you prepare the rest of the hookah.
  • Add ice cubes to the water in your glass vase.
  • Add juice to the water in your glass vase for a fruitier flavor.
  • Add wine to the water in your glass vase for an intoxicating effect.
  • Mix your favorite flavors of hookah shisha. Try some of these:
    Orange & Pineapple, Cherry & Cola, Mango & Peach, Lemon
Q: My hookah doesn't seem to be smoking right. What do I do?
A: 1. Check your bowl. The most common mistake is packing the shisha too tightly. Make sure that you break the shisha apart and lightly sprinkle it into the bowl to the top. Don't fill it past the top because you'll be packing the shisha when you cover it with a metal screen or foil.
2. Check your charcoal. If the charcoal is covered with ash, there may not be enough heat getting to the shisha. Use your tongs to tap the charcoal ash off into your hookah tray and place the red charcoal back on your head.
3. Check your gaskets. Make sure that all of the components of the hookah are fitting nicely together. A snug fit will make the smoke flow more efficiently. You may check for a burnt gasket. Some hookahs expose the gasket and are easily burnt by charcoal that is moved around in the tray.
4 . Check your hoses. If you have multiple hoses, make sure that all ends are plugged properly. For example, if you have two or three hoses on your hookah and there is only one person smoking, you'll need to remove the hoses and use rubber stoppers or tape to block the hose holes.
Q: What is the difference between smoking hookah tobacco and smoking cigarettes?
All major shisha manufacturers have nicotine listed at 0.5% and tar listed at 0.0%. On a pack of Marlboro Full Flavor 100's Filter Soft Pack, there is 16 miligrams of tar and 1.2 miligrams of nicotine (these numbers are listed on the philip moriss website, www.philipmorris.com). Most cigarettes contain over 2.0% in nicotine. "Among the findings, Marlboro had as much as 9.6 percent freebase nicotine; Camel contained 2.7 percent; Winston had 5 percent to 6.2 percent; and Gauloises Blondes was found to have 5.7 percent to 7.5 percent." ("'Freebase' Nicotine Thought to Make Cigarettes More Addictive" 30 July. 2003. www.nacsonline.com (26 August. 2004)). Although there is no tar and less nicotine, Hookah smoking is still smoking. Please be aware of the risks of tobacco before choosing to smoke.

How To Smoke a Hookah and Shisha

1. Fill the vase so that the stem of the hookah is submerged approximately one inch in the water. Using ice in the glass is very common; it makes the smoking experience more cool and soothing. You can also try freezing your glass by putting approximately an inch of water into the glass and putting it into the freezer.
2. Place the metal argile on top of the vase. You should have a gasket to help seal the two together making it air tight.
3. Place the tray over the top of the argile head. The tray will not fit over most heads, so youíll need to place it on first. The opening for the tray will usually be a bit wider than the neck of the argile.
This is what your hookah should look like.
4. Attach the hose gasket to the end of the hose. Place the end of the hose with gasket into the hose opening of the argile.
Hookah setup with hose.
*Packing the bowl, takes a little practice to get it perfect.5. Brake up the shisha so it sets lightly in the bowl. If it is packed too dense, it will not allow smoke to be pulled through the head. Fill the head to the rim of the bowl and no higher. If you over fill the head, the shisha will become too packed when placing the foil or metal screen over the top.
6. When placing foil over the top, get a square piece of foil that is approximately 3 X 3 inches.
7. Place the foil over the top of the head like the picture shown on the left.
8. Poke holes in the foil. A thumb tack or oyster fork works best.
*Setup of hookah with hose and head.
9. Lighting coals - If you have instant light Syrian coals or Japanese silver square coals, a lighter will work. For Nour and The Lord Style coals, use a stove or propane torch. You can find a propane torch at home improvement store for around $20. Burn the coal all the way around so when you blow on the coal, a red glow covers the entire piece. You can not directly apply flame to the tobacco or use Kingsford BBQ charcoals for the head. A lot of BBQ charcoal gives off too much carbon monoxide which can cause headaches and even death. Use only hookah charcoals please.
10. Carefully place the charcoal on top of the hookah head so that you donít drop ambers into the shisha.*If the hookah smoke becomes harsh, you may have too many coals on the head. Try removing a coal or breaking a coal into two to distribute heat better. If the hookah is still smoking harsh, ambers may be in the shisha. Remove coals and cover so that you can blow out ambers.